Yoga on Skype

I offer beautiful and flowing Vinyasa Power Flow. Choose between really sweaty, hard classes —  or relaxing,  restorative ones. (English, French, German)

As per your preference, I will design unique classes to:

Private classes:

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Learning in a supervised environment is the best way to improve. This is because receiving personalized correction, helps to make sure that you stay aligned and really get the most out of each posture, while still respecting your limits.

But what if you’re too busy to go to a class? How can you still get this kind of personalized feedback for your practice?

I can bring yoga to you, wherever you are in the world for a personalized and optimal practice. if you are usually practicing from home with videos or always on the run and unable to attend your favorite studio, but still want the expertise of a qualified teacher, Skype yoga is ideal for you.  Grab a mat or towel and some water and let’s flow.

I will always keep your goals in mind and prepare a class to fit your needs.

You will get:

a coherent, personalized progression, as the weeks go by. (My classes aren’t one-size-fits-all; they’re tailored to you, at every step of the way!)