How To Be Mindful Of The Way We Travel As Digital Nomads

There are many ways to travel the world, the best way being the one that makes you come alive. For my part, I have chosen slow travelling. Slow travel allows me to experience the heart and soul of a country. That is priceless to someone who has wanderlust but is not so keen on seeing all the top tourist attractions!

If you are a digital nomad or creative entrepreneur with a heart for travel, take some time to reflect on what kind of person you are. Being mindful when you travel allows you to dig deeper into the person you are. It enables you to consider what you enjoy and to include more of them in your travels. This will reveal wonders about how to tailor your upcoming trips and make the most out of them.

Here are some tips to help you mindfully prepare for your trips:

1. Know your travel style

Knowing your travel style is so important as it will give you insight into the destinations best suited for you as well as when to go there. This also allows you to know where to stay when to book your accommodation, and for how long. Are you someone who enjoys a bustling city life or do you prefer a quiet cottage or do you want to be near the sea? Do long car trips make you sick, or do you prefer taking a plane to get to the next place? Are you the type to have all your needs catered for at a hotel or do you enjoy meeting other travellers while sharing dorms?


2. Ask yourself what matters most to you

Why do you travel? The reason why you have chosen to do the type of job that enables you to be anywhere in the world and still get work done – what is it? Perhaps it is to explore the wonders of the beautiful planet we live on. Or maybe it’s to taste all kinds of different foods and better understand other cultures. It could be to get to the core of humanity, to learn about human connection. Whatever that reason is, find out what are some of the things that matter most to you. When you do that, you can recognize the opportunities a mile away when they present themselves to you. For instance, if you’re a woman who longs to use your skills to help others, you might find yourself more attuned to people you meet. You’ll be in a better position to reach out or offer help because you carry within you a sense of purpose.





3. Set up habits that serve you

Rituals, routines, or habits, whatever you call them, they are useful. They help us establish
some form of order and structure into our daily lives. When we are constantly on the road, it’s
easy to lose track of our goals, or even stay productive. Have some habits that will help you in the long run. For example, make it a must that wherever you find yourself, you will get your body moving. That way, if you are close to a gym you can get some exercise done. But if you also find yourself without a gym, you will remember that habit of getting your body moving. You can then simply dance or practise some yoga in your room. Or you might swim in the sea or go for a brisk walk outside. Work habits are useful too so that you can get a lot done, no matter where you are.

4. Take time to soak it all in

When you’re exploring a new place, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Or you might be so excited that you rush from one place to another. Learn to pause. Take time to truly stop, breathe, and soak it all in within your heart. Enjoy the moment, and for at least ten minutes hold that happy feeling or that sense of wonder. In future, whenever you need to relive happiness, you can always tap into those sweet memories. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading some of the tips that help me incorporate mindfulness into my travels as a slow travel blogger. Hopefully, your next travels can be a great blend of work, exploration, and mindfulness.



My name is Bea Chan, a writer leading a nomadic lifestyle through slow travel and slow living. I help women who live abroad or living the nomadic lifestyle thrive. By integrating authenticity, meaning, and creativity in the way we do live abroad, we are able to sail through with greater ease, joy, and flow. I am the founder of Mademoiselle Nomad blog, and I also run BrandSalt, a creative boutique agency. When I am not writing, I can be found napping like my cat, dipping my toes in the ocean, or visiting farmers’ markets or art galleries. Of course, you can also join me on Instagram & Twitter. Come say hi!

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Photos by: Bea Chan