Take Control Over Your Influence

Are you an influencer?

Are you still not able to feel 100% in control of your brand and community?

Do you think there is SO MUCH MORE that you could be doing with your personal branding?

You are at the right place!


Welcome to ‘Take control over your influence’, an exclusive and unique 7-week program designed especially for social media influencers like you. This program will infuse mindfulness in your life, help you build a real business and start making money independently from brand partnerships.

I will guide you to take control over your creative power, quit your side hustle and feel 100% in control of your brand & community!

So, are you ready to make a change and have a true impact in the world?


Join in. Take control over your influence and become a changemaker!

You are:

  • A creative soul that has a gift to share with the world with a unique voice.
  • A multi-passionate woman that has a constantly growing online community.
  • Goal-oriented and steadfast in your values.
  • In love with taking bold risks, travelling and living life as a great adventure.
  • In love with the yogic lifestyle or curious to discover mindfulness.


You are tired of:

  • Not being able to quit your day job.
  • Feeling caught-up in the day-to-day hustle and slightly overwhelmed.
  • Making money from brands & sponsors, but not from your own content, service & product.
  • Being riddled with doubts, feeling lost and pressured to create “curated content” over being your most authentic self.



You spend hours responding to your audience and more often than not, this eats up your entire day! You’d much rather someone else did this for you and feel more in control of your time. 

You are afraid… so afraid… about being stuck in a niche, afraid to explore other avenues (“I am a swimsuit & surf girl. Could I offer foodie content?!”)

You are searching for balance and yet you are constantly worrying about what to post next even when you are hanging out with friends.


Sounds familiar? Well, then this program will help you find answers!

Ok! I am convinced! Give me the answers!


Not so fast!

Through this 7-week course, I will help you transition to working full-time on your personal brand, and create genuine offers & services beyond brand partnerships.


I’ll show you how to appreciate and leverage your community, and stop stressing about “not being a big enough influencer”. At the end of the program you’d most likely quit your day job, get an agent to take care of your routine work and help you focus on just the creative parts.


Yes, it sounds like a big step, but I will ease this transition. Together, we will raise your confidence, define your limits & strengths, and help you strengthen your personal branding. So, you are going to be earning more money, learning how to say no and be in control of your schedule!

''I absolutely loved working with Marjolaine for she truly showed interest in me as a person and helped me getting rid of self-limiting beliefs and instead, visualizing the life of my dreams even more clearly.''

-Laura Herde, Blogger & Holistic Life Coach

Start looking at yourself as much more than an influencer. You are a savvy woman that built a beautiful growing community and that has the right to enjoy now.


I want you to drink your coffee in a few weeks,

look out the window and say:


“Omg! I actually can’t believe I’m having such a positive impact and that people are following me in my projects and allowing me to grow a business that promotes what I’m all about.”


“I never would have thought I could make so much money just from creating offers for my community.”


“It is so relaxing to not have to depend on creating content for brands to afford my lifestyle.”


“I feel so free.”


You have the power to be a changemaker, inspire & change people’s lives.


Do you see the infinite potential awaiting to be unlocked? 

‘’What I like is that she isn't giving generic tips but she really paid attention to my unique and individual conflict.’’

-Kathrin Hartrampf, Blogger & Healthy Lifestyle Creative

What's Included?

1-1 Mindfulness coaching session

Enjoy 6 coaching sessions of 60 minutes.


Follow-up email & actionable steps

After each session, I will forward you a short email with your next actionable steps, as well as topics of interest we covered and ideas of reflection or questions to reflect on during the week.


Priority access to me via email

Since so much can happen in between our sessions,  you have priority access to me via email from Monday to Friday.

It is ideal for direct feedback on ideas, to keep me updated on change and progress or to get quick guidance before your next session.


”Help me Assap” express calls

Enjoy 1 session of 20 minutes.

You can book these within 24 hours when you need it most. Whether you need to unlock a blockage, go over a document, receive express guidance for an important decision or feel supported during a change or new situation, I will be there for you.


Two exercise sheets

Filled with introspection exercises or mindfulness ideas to implement, this tailored sheet is perfect to make a progress summary, track your actions and reflect on where your focus should be at for the next few weeks.


Tailored 1-1 meditation sessions

Enjoy 1 session of 30 minutes.

As an entrepreneur, this will help improve your overall well being and center yourself when you need it most.  These sessions will leave you feeling supported and focused. We can either go with the flow or immerse in a tailored visualization of your goals and vision to stay on track. It is perfect to clear your mind and enhance your focus & confidence.

Your Investment

This ideal and tailored 1×1 mindfulness coaching is an investment of 1217 euros (including taxes).

''Invest In Yourself. There is so much space for growth.''