Confident Goddess- 3 Month Coaching Program

What is included – Read more here

Weekly Group Coaching on Zoom

Enjoy 12 coaching sessions of 1:30 that will take place weekly (time to be confirmed with the group members)

Audio Training & Focus of the week

In these audio training, we will focus on 1 theme or challenge (meditation, self-love, mindfulness, public speaking…). This will allow you to work on yourself during the week and have focused on one theme at a time. It is also a great way for you to be accountable and do your homework!

Meditation or Mantra

Enjoy an empowering meditation that suits the theme of the week! You can listen to it on repeat or do it once consciously.

Exercise Sheet or Challenge

Filled with introspection exercises or mindfulness ideas to implement, these sheets are perfect to make a progress summary, track your actions and reflect on where your focus should be at for the week.

Occasional Yoga Sequence to Practice Home

Instead of the audio or meditation, enjoy a short yoga video with a sheet to follow the sequence tailored towards empowering yourself and igniting your feminine power. This will also complement our holistic approach!

As a woman, this will help improve your overall well being and center yourself when you need it most.  It is perfect to clear your mind, enhance your focus & ignite your confident goddess within.

Special Session with Expert

1 session will be co-hosted by an expert in the field of nutrition, self-love and intuitive eating. This session will be a fun way to understand self-love and confidence in the way we eat. And how we can nurture our body with love to be fueled with energy and achieve our dreams.

Whatsapp Group

This group will be mostly for you to interact with each other. You will have access to each other during the week to share your successes and challenges and be there for each other. I will also hop in from time to time to deliver a motivating voice message!

Your investment for this 12 weeks Program:

1447 € (Includes taxes)

Payment plan available. Contact me via email [email protected] to receive details.


The sessions are held over Zoom and might be recorded.

Shortly after booking, you will be forwarded a welcome email, along with a disclaimer to sign and complete before the first session. You can consult an example here.

For any questions, email us at [email protected]


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