Podcast Live Mindfully

A Blissful Journey Towards Purpose, Confidence & Awareness

On each episode of Live Mindfully, Marjolaine, the founder of Yoga With Bow, inspires you to turn inwards to reach a higher level of awareness and confidence. Let yourself be inspired to lead with love and learn how to run a successful business with ease and joy. Marjolaine connects and interviews inspiring women leaders & entrepreneurs with different areas of expertise to give you a glimpse of their journey. What do these incredible multi-passionate women have to say about mindfulness?

How did they manage to build a lifestyle that really suits their vision and align with their values? Listen in so that you will feel ready to live a more mindful & passion-driven life and learn to tackle the biggest and choppiest waves that come your way. Life is a beautiful journey and this podcast will help you become more patient and caring about each and every moment that unfolds in front of your eyes. We sincerely hope that you will experience bliss along the way. With love, Marjolaine xx