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Marjolaine Savoie

Marjolaine likes to call herself a mindful creative. Because she believes we should embrace creativity in all spheres of our life. Not only does she welcomes mindfulness and yoga as an integral part of her lifestyle, but she also infuses music, acting, theatre, painting and other forms of creativity in her work as a business coach, speaker & yoga teacher.

Marjolaine is an inspiring and motivating speaker, an action-driven business coach and a creative yoga teacher and event facilitator. She comes from a French-Canadian modest family but moved to Germany a few years ago to complete a bachelor’s degree in psychology and experience what she thought of as ”wanderlust”. After backpacking through Portugal and Morroco alone and meeting people that had amazing adventures to tell, she decided to fully commit to living an extraordinary life.

She released a music album on Spotify and now provides with her business a complete journey through mindfulness & creativity as a multi-passionate woman. Yoga With Bow offers face-to-face event and retreats, online resources for entrepreneurs to live a life filled with purpose and awareness, as well as a 1:1 coaching service. 

Our sessions might include among others: 

-Spontaneous breathing exercise when I feel that you need to get grounded and relax.

-Guided visualization with closed eyes to really envision certain concept we are working on (routine, self-love, ideal client, brand message, …)

-Interview-like questions that might put you on the spot, but that will truly allow you to grow in confidence & develop your public speaking skills.

-Theater inspired role to play, where I will put you in different situations to allow you to grow in confidence, sales skills and really own your story and brand voice.

-Laughter. I say a lot of silly things, but they always bring you further!

Mostly, my client tends to say that I am really fun to work with, but also really good at making people accountable. When I give you homework, you feel like you need to do them. More even, you want to do them!

With me, it moves fast and I always have a ton of creative idea to get you out of any blockages! Each session will be so packed with practical tips and strategy so that you really see a change.


Since mindfulness is my secret sauce, we don’t hold on to the past. Each session is about right now. What can you do with what you have on your plate today to actually progress towards your vision?

It is all about having a clear vision, learning to let go and not always give out your 100% and taking savvy steps towards being the wonderful and confident woman that you envision. Not just building a business, but gaining tools and strategies that will work for YOU.

This program helps you achieve a lifestyle & business harmony to suit your bigger vision.


Here are a few items we could cover:

  • How to create a powerful brand story that aligns with your personality & expertize.
  • How to tailor your brand identity, personality & message to reach out to a wider audience, potential partners and sponsors with a clear plan.
  • Gain clarity in your vision & structure your next steps with purpose & intention.
  • Build a strong business structure & policies that will allow you to delegate tasks smoothly when the time comes.
  • Work on your self-confidence so that you can own your story and find it easy to talk about it, inspire & uplift women.
  • Find strategies to help you keep focus and maintain a practice of single-tasking during your journey.
  • Learn how to reduce the unnecessary noise and stress, worry and guilt-based feeling that keep you away from shining your light.
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''I can't even put into words how much Marjolaine changed my outlook on how I view myself as a business woman. In just our first hour together she gave me real, tangible advice on how I can improve my pitch to clients, own my offerings as an entrepreneur, and even build more confidence.''

Healthy Living Blogger/Social Media Marketer

''Invest In Yourself. There is so much space for growth.''

This program is tailored to help you achieve a lifestyle & business harmony that really suits your bigger vision. We will create a strong long-term vision for your business and make sure that your brand message is clear and inspired. From vision-setting to tailored goals and strategies, let’s clarify how you can impact people and own your story. We will tackle every step of the way towards leading a profitable and beautiful business. Little by little, we will define your niche, bring your confidence way up and strategize on how to be savvy about your choices as you establish yourself as an entrepreneur.

Learn how to create space within your schedule, let go of the things that no longer serve you and take actions towards building a life that really resonates with your purpose. With my support as your coach, we will go over the blockages that are still holding you back and take actions to gain clarity so that you can grow as a creative business owner with joy & ease.

What is included - 3 Month Program

1-1 Mindfulness coaching session

Enjoy 11 coaching sessions of 60 minutes.

Using effective visualization, meditation, mindfulness and introspection tools, I shift people’s focus inwards to take real actionable steps and define strong business visions. You will begin to own your story, which results in you navigating your life and business in a clear and easy manner. From tailoring your pitch to polishing your price and policies, I have proven results in guiding women to gain control over their time and dreams.

Weekly Follow-up email & actionable steps

After each call, I will forward you a short email mentioning your next actionable steps, topics of interest we covered, as well as ideas of reflections or questions to reflect on during the week. It is ideal to keep track of what we covered and observe measurable and qualitative progress.

Priority access to me via email

Since so much can happen in between our sessions,  you have priority access to me via email from Monday to Friday.

It is ideal for direct feedback on ideas, to keep me updated on change and progress or to get quick guidance before your next session. I will spend up to 50 minutes a week answering your emails and guiding you.

Monthly exercise sheet

Filled with introspection exercises or mindfulness ideas to implement, this sheet is perfect to make a progress summary of the month, track your actions and reflect on where your focus should be at for the next month.

Tailored 1-1 meditation sessions

Enjoy 1 session of 30 minutes.

As a creative entrepreneur, this will help improve your overall well being and center yourself when you need it most.  This session will leave you feeling supported and focused. We can either go with the flow or immerse in a tailored visualization of your goals and vision to stay on track. It is also perfect before an important meeting to clear your mind and enhance your focus & confidence. Use it in the last week of our program or in between calls!

Your Investment

This unique 1×1 mindfulness coaching is an investment of 2225 euros. This is an amazing chance to really elevate your business within three months and see a huge shift in your confidence, mindset & sense of control over your time. Be guided step-by-step as you slowly make your business more profitable & fun. This investment will come back to you tenfold!

This is a no-stress offer and an effective way to grow into a safe and supportive environment. Are you ready for a shift in your life?


''OMG, I have been working with Marjolaine for the past two months. I was a bit stuck in my Virtual Assistant Business, and Marjolaine used the techniques of mindfulness to uncover what was holding me back. I realized that I wasn't as confident as I thought I was. As a Creative Entrepreneur there is always going to be something that will hold you back, but breaking through that wall you will see yourself grow. I am so thankful for everything Marjolaine has done for me, and I am beyond grateful to have the tools to help my business succeed.''

-Kailey Miller,
Virtual Assistant for Dream Prairie Media

Live Mindfully & Beautifully

Thank you for your trust and commitment. I can’t wait for us to start and take your business to wonderful places!

We will review everything during the discovery call and make sure that the program is all you need and dream of right now in terms of support. For any questions before our call, send me an email at [email protected]

''Mindfulness is an art; Running a successful business too.''