Ep 003. How To Have Better Sex & Speak Your Truth With Lauren Rudick


Being your most authentic self is probably one of the key element to building your brand and business with confidence. In this episode, we talk about yoga as a way of life, going through failures with tenacity & having a strong vision to manifest your dreams. Listen on if you are ready to live a fuller life, filled with amazing richness.

Our guest, Lauren Rudick, is an Internationally celebrated instructor. She has studied, taught and practiced yoga across 6 continents and over 30 countries. Lauren has been teaching yoga for over a decade inspiring thousands of others to live passionately with authenticity and joy.

She has been featured in newspapers and magazines including The daily mail & Women’s Health.

Lauren’s greatest source of pride has been in founding and directing  Yoga Academy International, a school to revolutionize the field of yoga. Most recently, she created an online course exclusively for women to use yoga as a tool for phenomenal sex & to feel empowered, gorgeous & sexy from the inside out.



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