It is time for you to breathe & live mindfully

What if your dream life was right within your grasp?

What if all your potential success and joy were waiting to be unlocked?

What if all your potential success and joy were waiting to be unlocked?


It’s often difficult to see what’s lying right in front of us until someone is able to hold up a mirror to our thoughts & patterns. Let me guide you on your journey to unleash your possibilities and build a lifestyle and business that really align with your bigger vision and who you are. Whether its about starting a business, loving your business even more or making a lifestyle change, we’ll equip you with the strategies and focus to take control of your life and shine.

Discover our Two Pathways

It’s time to take action and commit to investing in yourself. With my support as your coach, we can help you define a clear vision for your future and take actionable steps to achieve your goals. Through mindfulness, introspection and reflection, you can progress forward and truly establish yourself as the confident, inspiring and creative women entrepreneur that you are.



Designed specifically for social media influencers, this 7-week program will help you transition to working full-time on your personal brand and create genuine offers & services beyond brand partnerships.

At the end of the program, you’d most likely quit your day job, get an agent to take care of your routine work, earn more money and help you focus on just the creative parts.

You Are:

  • A creative soul that has a gift to share with the world with a unique voice.
  • A multi-passionate woman that has a constantly growing online community.
  • Goal-oriented and steadfast in your values.
  • In love with taking bold risks, travelling and living life as a great adventure.
  • In love with the yogic lifestyle or curious to discover mindfulness.

You Are Ready Too:

  • Appreciate and leverage your community, and stop
    stressing about “not being a big enough influencer.
  • Strengthen your personal branding, learn how to
    say no and be in control of your schedule!
  • Make so much money just from creating offers
    for your community
  • Grow a business that promotes
    what you’re all about.

2. Elevate with Confidence & Clarity


Create Your Definition of Success


Whether you are still full time employed or owning your business, we will see each other weekly to tackle what matters most right now, so that you can feel free, clear and more abundant!

This option is for you if you are a professional in your field for few years, but are ready for a real business shift to be aligned both in your career and personal life. Infusing mindfulness, confidence coaching and vision-setting, we will take actionable savvy steps toward achieving your definition of success.

Ready for a Shift?

‘’What I like is that she isn't giving generic tips but she really paid attention to my unique and individual conflict.’’

-Kathrin Hartrampf, Blogger & Healthy Lifestyle Creative