Coaching for Soulful Businesses & Startups

What if your employees were highly motivated to come working every day?

What if you could be a leader in your industry and have incredible reviews for quality & work satisfaction?

What if your work environment was a place of calm & ease, but you were still getting incredible result & performance?


 I can help your business implement mindfulness practice at work by understanding employee needs and helping you create office spaces where your workforce feels relaxed, loyal, clear and experience enhanced productivity.

Over time they will:

  • Learn to use mindfulness in their approach and ability to listen & inspire.
  • Learn how their leadership approach can boost the productivity of their teams.
  • Learn how to deal with sensitive situations with clarity.
  • Learn how to lead with positivity and have a meaningful impact on their teams.
  • Learn how to maximize their productive but still have a work-life balance that is harmonious.
  • Find strategies to motivate their teams and maximize the results.

If you’d like to build a business where the leadership and employees are aligned with company goals, get in touch with me for a consultation.

Public Speaking & Events

I am available to speak at conferences, guide public meditation or yoga sessions, create tailored mindfulness program for your organization and of course, coach you to reach higher levels of success, joy and ease in your life.

Get in touch via email with your idea: [email protected]