Mindful Exercise - Connect With Your Breathing

Practicing mindfulness can take many forms, which I will explain in more details down below. But one of the first way to experience it, is by connecting with one’s breath.


    1. Sit in a comfortable position. Lengthen your spine and bring your shoulders back. Place your hands on your thighs.


    1. Continue breathing as you automatically would, but slowly, start bringing your attention to it. Notice the inhale, and observe the exhale. Feel the cold air coming through your nose, let it fill your lungs and notice how it exits through your mouth.


    1. Start bringing more and more awareness towards your breathing. Breathe in more deeply. Exhale more slowly. Slowly increase your breath length, as you inhale longer and exhale slowly.


  1. Before each exhale, try to hold your breath in for few seconds before you release it. Continue being aware of the sensations and always come back to your breathing every time your mind wanders away.

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