Breathe- Ideal 1 Year Complete Coaching Program

Enjoy a tailored and dedicated support  that will really make a difference for your business growth, balance & personal life.

You want to commit fully and achieve your vision with my support as a coach?

You want to have access to my guidance outside of our sessions?

You want someone that sees your potential and will be there for you at every step of the way?

I promise to commit and give you my absolute attention to help you achieve your full potential.

This coaching is different than what you experience with regular 1 hour sessions. It is a closer and more challenging experience. Not only will you feel supported, It will really help you surrender to Now, grow beyond your fears and take actions today toward your vision.

I will be there for you daily  regarding:

-Your daily routine & balance
-Your new business strategies
-Your decisions & challenges
-Mindfulness & mindset setting
-Self-Confidence related topics
-Anything else that comes up!

This package is very exclusive and the number of places are limited.

Know that I can only allow that daily support to few devoted woman. I gift a lot of energy & creativity into this package to make the program as resourceful as possible.

Therefore, before choosing that option and
saying a big YES to yourself, take a moment to meditate and make
sure you are ready for an accelerated growth & change. The results
can only bloom with both our commitment & dedication….

What is Included?

-3 sessions of 60 minutes a month, for 3 months.

-2 ”Help me ASSAP” 20 minutes calls, to unlock your blockage, receive express guidance on decisions or feel supported during a change or new situation.

-Access to my support via WhatsApp from Monday to Friday to receive guidance and help in different situations** Imagine having access to someone that understands you at the point of your fingers, no matter what comes up!

Bi-Weekly email exchange about your progress and challenges to stay on track and make sure you are commited and blooming.

-Monthly exercise sheet to complete the mini challenge of the month and progress faster!

-3 guided meditation of a duration of 20 minutes each, for when you need to center yourself, feel supported or immerse in a tailored vizualisation of your goals and vision to stay on track.


**Please note that I should answer your request within 24 hours, via text message or vocal message. I will spend up to one hour a week answering your questions or supporting you.

Ready to shine?