About Yoga With Bow

Marjolaine Savoie founded Yoga With Bow to guide women entrepreneurs and aspiring changemakers to elevate their business and life using mindfulness. With this powerful tool for change and growth, I have helped many rewrite their stories and reclaim their lives.

What Is My Mission

My mission is to spread awareness on mindfulness within the entrepreneurial world. I empower women entrepreneurs and businesses to take actions towards their vision and turn inwards using mindful tools and effective coaching sessions.

My vision is to bring people back to the moment in their life where they currently are, in order to take a deep breath, visualize and brainstorm, before they choose their next move in a savvy way.

What Do I Believe In

I strongly believe in a new generation of creative leaders, running purposeful businesses and implementing mindfulness in their lives and projects to raise communities, unite women and have a positive impact on their world on a small or larger scale.

What Do I Offer

A place to feel understood and supported in your unique journey. Having a very holistic approach to life and running a business, you will find all the tools you need to both relax, introspect, focus and learn.

For women entrepreneurs:

YWB is about being creative women and owning your unique story. Not defining yourself by what people see but what creating yourself by tuning in to your flow and letting your vision unfold. From tailoring their pitch to polishing their price and policies, I have proven results of guiding women to gain control over their time and dreams. Through mindfulness, I can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety level, helping you become a better listener, allowing you to immerse in the moment and ultimately, making you a better leader in your industry.

For businesses:

I help your business implement mindfulness practice at work by understanding employee needs and helping you create office spaces where your workforce feels relaxed, loyal, clear and experience enhanced productivity. This process starts with training and coaching your team leaders one on one so that they can inspire and elevate their teams. If you’d like to build a business where the leadership and employees are aligned with company goals, get in touch with me for a consultation.

For events:

Marjolaine, the founder of YWB, is available to speak at conferences, guide public meditation or yoga sessions.

What Is My Motto

Live Mindfully

What does ‘Yoga With a Bow’ mean?

During my exchange year, people could never really get my name right. As I wore a blue bow clip at the back of my head, people began referring to me as “you with the bow”. Over time, people picked up on it and soon, I became “Bow”.

When I spontaneously decided to begin a yoga & mindfulness business, I chose to name it ‘Yoga With Bow’ to signify both my name and its various meaning: an elegant knot that ties thing together (solves problems and ties up loose ends), a simple a weapon for shooting arrows (propel dreams and start businesses) and in a yoga context, to play and bend (to signify possibilities and going with the flow)

And so, Yoga With Bow – despite being slightly deviant in grammar – inspires immense potential and possibilities.

As of today, Yoga With Bow is a blog, a podcast, an online mindfulness shop with physical and virtual products, and a service that offers effective coaching sessions and carefully tailored Yoga Retreats and events for your delight!

About Marjolaine:

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and cumulative experience of more than 7 years in sales, makeup artistry, community service and customer service, I began my journey as a mindfulness coach organically. While on an exchange during my Bachelor’s degree in psychology, I realized that I wanted to trod the offbeat path to living a fuller and unlimited life rather than pursue a master’s degree in speech-language pathology like I’d planned before.

This shift leads me diving deeper into the works of Job Kabat-Zinn and the practice of mindfulness. I set up Yoga With Bow overnight and began my entrepreneurial journey, taking one big step at a time and learning on the way.

Today, I live in Germany with my Greek boyfriend (another gift of the exchange year!), I have launched an album on Spotify and am working on the second, has built a super minimalistic lifestyle and runs this beautiful mindfulness resource for creative women entrepreneurs and businesses to ignite their potential, spark their creativity and truly align their work with their purpose and gift.

Contact me:

I craft customized mindfulness and yoga programs for events, organizations and individuals to coach people to reach higher levels of success, joy and ease in their respective lives. Direct your enquiries and requests to [email protected]