Pitch With Grace-Single Session

Tailored one-on-one Mindfulness Coaching session with Bow of a duration of 60 minutes.


Gain more confidence, know your brand thoroughly and choose your words wisely. Learn how to master the art of presenting & pitching your ideas to collaborators, investors or brands. Create a tailored pitch that suits your personality and that you won’t need to learn by heart and struggle presenting. Let your pitch become like a second skin. Together, let’s clarify your vision and take it to the next level.

I will gift you my full attention for 60 minutes and we will cover the subject of your choice or let if flow organically. A Follow-Up email with core points to work on and introspection questions will be sent after the session. Ready to shine?

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The sessions are held over Zoom and are not recorded. You will receive an email after booking with a small questionnaire to fill, as well as a disclaimer to return within 48 hours to secure your spot.

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175,00 1 hour