Transform your life- 4 weeks to live mindfully

So delighted to have you here! The fact that you are taking steps towards living mindfully already means that you are ready for more. Ready for more awareness & joy and ready to surf these waves instead of being overwhelmed by adversity and change. As this is a beginner course, it covers the basic of mindfulness for all the little things life can trow at us. From living with happiness to dealing with fear, I hope it finds you well and becomes your favorite resource to turn inwards, anytime you need a kind reminder or short guidance.

Life is easy. You just have to take a deep breath.

So head over to week 1, grab yourself a tea and be ready to live mindfully.

Start with week 1, and progress at your pace

Meet your teacher


Marjolaine is a creative soul and the founder of Yoga With Bow, a mindfulness resource for women entrepreneurs. She offers effective tools and 1:1 coaching sessions.

Her academic training in Psychology and Yoga certification taught her about the depths of the human mind and the weird, destructive patterns we can sometimes have — but also, more importantly, about the healing and stabilizing powers of empathy and love. She embraces the journey of mindfulness and made it a mission to spread self-awareness and bring a modern take on sacred Buddhist teachings in the entrepreneurial world.

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