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Mindfulness Coaching

I believe that we always see things better when we have someone to help us reflect and reorganize our thoughts. By guiding you with a focus on mindfulness, introspection, and reflection, I can help you realize your full potential. Let me guide you, one-on-one and see what we can achieve together.

Discover Breathe & Pitch With Grace…


Or the Art of Living a Balanced & Passionate Life

Together, let’s use mindfulness as a main tool to take actions with awareness and observe change within ourselves and in our life. Learn how to listen to yourself, always move forward in the direction of your vision and let go of the things you can’t control. Life can be Joyful & Worry-Less and I promise you that you can be a Badass entrepreneur while still having time to breathe.

Ideas of subjects that we can cover:

-Vision-Setting / Make it clear and know what is your direction

-Self-Confidence / Expend & Shine. Discover your most confident self & be her

-Coming Home Blues / How to adapt to your old environment with ease & patience

-Decision-Making / Learn how to trust yourself & be more efficient with your decisions

-Price & Policies / know your worth & build a healthy relationship with money

-Friendship / Make new friends, narrow your social circle to feel more free & have less pressure

-Families/ Find strategies to interact in a healthy way and stick to your decision even when if they disagree

-Pitch with Grace-

Or the Art of Presenting Yourself with Confidence

Gain more confidence, know your brand thoroughly and choose your words wisely. Learn how to master the art of presenting & pitching your ideas to collaborators, investors or brands. Create a tailored pitch that suits your personality and that you won’t need to learn by heart and struggle presenting. Let your pitch become like a second skin. Together, let’s clarify your vision and take it to the next level.

What is the bigger picture? Who are you as an entrepreneur beyond the technical details on your CV and story? Why should someone believe in you & the lifestyle that comes with your product or service?

Ideas of Subjects that we can cover:

-Your vision & brand image (guided visualization)

-Make your story part of the vision

-How to let your personality shines with finesse

-How to make sure you that you would hire yourself if it was up to you?

-How to pitch with confidence & elegance?

-How to avoid over-information & keep it interesting?

- Subtle key elements & details: Why are non-verbal cues & posture so important?

‘’What I like is that she isn't giving generic tips but she really paid attention to my unique and individual conflict.’’

-Kathrin Hartrampf
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