Breathe-1 Year Coaching Package

Receive 12 tailored one-on-one Mindfulness Coaching session with Bow of a duration of 60 minutes.A Follow-Up Email with core points to work on and introspection questions will be sent after each session.

This package inclused 4 tailored 15+ pages introspection E-Books made just for you to target your specific situation & needs and two free guided meditation sessions of 20 minutes when you most need it. Read the full curriculum here

Together, let’s use mindfulness as a main tool to take actions with awareness and observe change within ourselves and in our life. Learn how to listen to yourself, always move forward in the direction of your vision and let go of the things you can’t control. I will gift you my full attention for 60 minutes and we will cover the subject of your choice or let if flow organically. Ready to shine?

Read more about my Coaching & testimonials here.

The sessions are held over Zoom and I only demonstrate if needed. You will receive an email after booking with a small formulaire to fill, as well as a disclaimer to return within 48 hours to secure your spot.

Ps: Once you buy a package, you will receive a secret code to use at checkout when scheduling your sessions!

*Price Includes the research and conception of the tailored E-Books (6 hours + per E-Book).